About Deliverance pour Tous

Aware of the precariousness of Haitian familys’ economic struggles and especially of the vulnerability of our children, we need to continue to search for a solution to better prepare them for the future. So in July of 2007, we decided to create an organization that can meet the needs of people facing misery.

            So we created "Deliverance pour Tous" with the initials DT, which translated, means a Deliverance for All.


Like any humanitarian organization, "Deliverance pour Tous" is a non-profit organization. Our fields of intervention are in the areas of Child Protection and Community Health.

After the earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, poverty increased steadily. Thousands of families experienced loss of their homes and many children were orphaned, who are now forced to live on the street.

Given this bleak picture,  we at DT did not rest with their arms crossed, we combined our efforts to find help. In order to meet the needs of the communities of Fontamara, (the neighborhood of our head office), as well as Martissant and Carrefour.


With the help of foreign donors and partners who shared our goals, our work on the ground to found it’s start in March 2010. Intensive and specifically focused training seminars in community health are currently being carried out in schools and churches for people in communities above.

We have witnessed children in difficulty. We conducted surveys to identify orphanages able to accommodate these children. We believe it’s important to cooperate and network with other ONGs here in Haiti if we are to advance together.

Thanks to our hard work and dedication, these children have found a family and a roof Fontamara Orphanage - Relief For KIDS IN HAITI. Our beautiful new orphanage location also serves as the current headquarters of DT.

There is much remaining to done, our situation remains precarious in the communities of Haiti. Our vision here at DT is to find innovative solutions to alleviate the poverty across our country, support the children that no longer have families of their own. We also strive to create health centers and hospitals, build schools and further develop the orphanages that house the future generation of our country.

   It is often said that youth are the country's future. For tomorrow to be better, we must start work on it today through how we choose to support our children. This is the issue we at ‘Deliverance pour Tous’ are passionately and steadfastly pursuing.



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