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Executive Board

Marc-Arthur Francois | President/Chairman

Marc-Arthur Fracois

Marc-Arthur FRANCOIS, President/Chairman, Delivrance pour Tous (DT)

Mr. Francois born and raised in Haiti; founder and executive  chairman of DT. After the earthquake, he saw the needs of his country and started volunteering for a non-profit organization called “ACTS World Relief” to serve and help his community by translating and assisting medical professionals. Serving through another organization, seeing the pain and suffering Mr. Francois decided to create “Delivrance pour Tous” to provide a better sustainable living condition to the people in extreme poverty in Haiti.

Mr. Francois is the director of “Secours pour les enfants d’Haiti”, an orphanage that provides care and shelter for 13 children. His dream is to expand both the orphanage and the organization to support more children and communities. 

Jameson Leo | Vice President/CEO

Jameson Leo

Jameson LEO, Vice-president/CEO, Delivrance pour Tous (DT)

Mr. Leo born and raised in Haiti; acting Executive Officer of DT. He came to U.S in 2011 to further his education. Mr. Leo’s education in the U.S was sponsored by an organization called “Headwaters Relief Organization” leading by Dr. Rebecca Thomley and Cheryl Vennestrom. He earns his BS in biology and chemistry from MetroState University, Minnesota. Although, his goal is to become a pediatrician and serve the Haitian population.

In 2010, after the earthquake Mr. Leo started volunteering for “ACTS world relief” where he provided translation and medical assistance. He was promoted to being the Director’s assistance of ACTS world relief in Haiti. Through working with NGOs, he has gain skills and training that he is now using to serve his community. Leo is dedicated to better the lives of the impoverished Haitian people, and his love for children and his country makes him an invaluable board member of Delivrance pour Tous. 

Jeffrey Rickard | Director Of International Relations

Jeffrey Rickard

Jeffrey RICKARD, Director of international Relations, Delivrance pour Tous


Mr. Rickard lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Organizational communication. He is a Christian who believes  in sharing the words of God and helping others.

2011, a year after the earthquake Mr. Rickard came to Haiti to help post-disaster. After his first trip to Haiti, he fell in love with the people, the culture, and especially the children. He has been coming to Haiti ever since trying to find a way to make a difference and help the Haitian communities. Mr. Rickard joined DT because he believes in the mission and wants to make a lasting impact in Haiti.

Gwenaela Goetty Joachim | Director Of Communications

Gwenaela Goetty Joachim

Gwenaela JOACHIM, Director of Communication, Delivrance pour Tous (DT)

Ms. Joachim born and raised in Haiti; she is a christian woman. She received her high school education from "Notre Dame du Rosaire" catholic school. She has a degree in Marketing and public relations from Quisqueya's University (UNIQ), Haiti. Ms. Joachim has experienced in Marketing, working for the water company Culligan in 2011. She works as an accountant at Canon Bureaumatic's entreprise in 2014.

She has big heart for children, and makes it her goal to make a difference in her community and change the life of as much children as possible. She is intelligent, dynamic and communicative, and makes a valuable board member  of DT.

Lauren Lombard | Director of Marketing/Fundraising

Lauren Lombard

Lauren Lombard, Director of Marketing/Fundraising, Delivrance pour Tous (DT)