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About Us

Delivrance pour Tous is a faith-based non-profit organization that supports education and health needs of families and communities in Haiti. It was founded by Marc-Arthur Francois, a few months after the earthquake in 2010. Marc has a passion for serving the Lord and a passion for helping the less fortunate in Haiti. After the earthquake, Marc started helping anyway that he could. He worked for other NGO’s working in Haiti, assisting doctors and translating for the organization. Marc still saw a need in the community and decided to create D.T. to have a lasting impact in Haiti.

Since the Organization’s initiation, Delivrance pour Tous has provided first aid training, and medicine to communities such as Fontamara, Carrefour, and Les Cayes. We have volunteers from the United States that come and provide mobile clinics throughout the communities of Haiti. Our volunteers include a wide range of people from medical professionals to teachers. D.T. has an orphanage in Kenscoff, Haiti that provides for 13 children. Since the earthquake, D.T. has taken in these orphans who were struggling with very bad life situations. There are many children in Haiti that have very poor living conditions who would benefit exponentially by living in the care of D.T. The more funds that we receive, the more children we can bring in off of the street. Delivrance pour Tous is built on the donation of medicines, tools, money, and the labor of our volunteers. With a donation to Delivrance pour Tous, you will be our partners in feeding children, training and educating the youth, and provide medical care to those who are not fortunate enough to pay for hospital bills.