Our Approach

The Educare Center is designed to make a lasting impact by providing basic academic, technology, and art skills to underprivileged children in the community of Delmas.


The Structure

The center is divided in three sections:

1) Academic

Literacy is critical to economic development as well as individual and community well-being. This program is will help develop literacy and math skills as well as focus on writing, science, and math.

2) Technology

Computer literacy is essential in the modern world. Access is limited in Haiti so this program intends to address this shortfall by increasing access to technology by creating a computer lab and offering training.


3) Functional Art Program

The Functional Art Program will be an educational and practical component of the program. The students will learn how to use recycled materials to create art. These art projects will also be a mechanism for students to raise funds to help offset education costs.


The Need

Based on the survey conducted by our team, about 68% of children in the Delmas area are not going to school. That statistic can be applied to other communities in Haiti as well so this is a reflection of a large-scale urgent need, but we want to focus on one area to maximize our impact. The Educare center will be there not only to provide basic academic knowledge, but also help the children learn how to be financial stable and gain skills that will enable future success.

Program Participants

The center will start with 20 children from the community of Delmas that do not attend school because their parents cannot afford to send them. The selection of pupils will be made based on their financial need, information gathered in the survey, and some basic testing of the prospective student


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