Get involved

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of Delivrance pour Tous (DT). Here are some of the ways you can become involved:


Whether you are on the ground or behind-the-scenes, by becoming a DT volunteer you will be making a difference in the lives of children from impoverished communities in Haiti. DT welcomes people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to be a partof our team. To join our roster of volunteers, please complete our volunteer registration form. We will then contact you about opportunities.


Education in Haiti is rather a luxury than a right. Those with the fewest resources and opportunities are often left without an academic or professional education to build a future. Financial contributions enable the most vulnerable students to have an opportunity not only to be educated but also contribute to their communities and build a live — when you donate to DT to help us support more students and get closer to our goals.

And because administrative support for DT is supported by the donations, 85% of your donation goes directly to support our projects and 15% to support our staff. Visit our donate page to make your tax-deductible donation today!


We welcome the opportunity for individuals or groups to raise funds on behalf of the work of DT – including support targeted to specific communities or in honor of a DT volunteer. We are here to help you set up your fundraiser, offer suggestions and assist you in building momentum. For more information about creating a DT fundraiser don’t hesitate to email us to learn how you can set up your own fundraising campaign.

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