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Our Projects

Primary School

One of Haiti’s desperate needs is education. 50 percent of children do not attend school. (World Bank 2013). Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. (UNICEF 2008). Delivrance Pour Tous (DT) wants to meet the needs to build a primary school that will allow children in poverty to an affordable, high quality, and faith based primary education. An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest.


Haiti ranks 168 out of 187 on the 2014 Human Development Index (UNDP 2015). Most of the population cannot afford to go to the doctors. We would like to provide a place and training to Haitian nurses for them to provide basic medical care to unfortunate communities. Not only this project will provide medical care, it will also create jobs for the communities. Haiti is ours, why not build it together?

Genius Challenge Program

One of DT’s mission is to provide education to the less fortunate. The “Genius challenge” is program that Delivrance Pour Tous is putting together to encourage the youth in Haiti to stay alert and inform. This program is there to find sponsors and scholarship for the youth who are living in poverty. It is an intellectual competition where the winners will be rewarded with scholarships and other educational benefits.