Work in La Vallée de Jacmel


As many of you know, it’s been months since schools have been closed in most parts of Haiti. Students are eager to learn, however, the situation of the country doesn’t allow them to. Some places the students can make it to the school but the students cannot. In one of those places, DT recruit a group of young men and women to volunteer and teach all the courses. We have 8 volunteers who work everyday, and the students are so grateful for their help. 

The first week was bout 50 students, and now we have about 200 students coming everyday. Not only we want to Thank all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication, we also want to thank Mr. Thomas for letting us use his builder to make the initiative possible. Mr Thomas  is a leader in the community who’s always ready to help. 

Also Thank you to Carolyn Dikes and @TeamRedWoods, because of their support we were able to at least feed the volunteers who are teaching from 7:45 AM until 2:30 PM. 

It is wonderful to see despite everything that is going on in Haiti, the youth still has hope and ready to server their communities.


“Learn today, Lead tomorrow”

If you want to support and help, please feel free to go to

Thank you!


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